Giuseppe Addobbati


Giuseppe Addobbati (Makarska, December 31, 1909 - Rome, Jan. 4, 1986) was an Italian actor, best known for his great qualities of character. He lives for a long time in Trieste, where he devoted himself to theater. In the film debuted during the Fascist period interpreting a discreet important role in "13 uomini e un cannone" of Joachim Forzano (1936). Until 1943 he is used in parts of a second or third floor in about twenty films. After a long silence reappears on the screens in 1951; in this decade he is a little active and works almost always hiding behind the pseudonym "John Douglas". In the sixties, on the contrary, his appearances multiply (over forty films), but rarely he has the opportunity to shine, accepting almost always of character roles in genre films. Since the seventies began a more careful selection to films to attend, with particular attention to the most acclaimed directors of the moment such as Bernardo Bertolucci's "Il conformista" for which he plays. Also he dusts off his old pseudonym, turning it into John McDouglas.


Liste des films Date de sortie
Le temps du massacre 1966-08-10
Opération peur 1966-07-08
Le Dollar troué 1965-08-08
Deserto di fuoco (1971) 1971-01-29
Les amants d’outre-tombe 1965-06-16
Hercule contre les mercenaires 1964-06-27